Mr. Kapil Jain (Founder)

Mr. Kapil Jain is the Founder of Kan Sports, which he started from his dorm room in his early life. During the company’s early years, Mr. Jain acted as the sole engineer, designer, and support representative for the entire Kan Group platform. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in many departments of the company that he had previously run himself.

Mr. Jain has more than 20 years of experience in leadership positions and building new businesses and transforming legacy business models. He continues to focus on both day-to-day and long-term initiatives while managing the company. Over the past cycle, Kapil Jain has turned Kan Sports World into a strong company with solid financials, world-class brands, and an efficient modern organization.

Our growth model is proven and it delivers sustainable improvement and results. He is also associated with social welfare organizations for the society and special care for the educational and economic interests of the weaker sections of the people.


KanSports is a global full service group that takes a revolutionary approach to sourcing, developing, positioning and placing new and established talent in professional sports, mainly handball, worldwide. My team and I espouse an entrepreneurial spirit in our approach. On the behalf of all the nation we promise to deliver beyond our call of your duty and support women empowerment in India, our partners to maximize all the opportunities the women around the states. We welcome the opportunity to connect and share with you our unique approach to innovative handball sports management that delivers extraordinary results for the women in India. Community is at the heart of everything we do. And what we do has an impact on the world we live in. That’s an important responsibility—and a great opportunity to make a difference in the world of sports. Because we are part of the community we serve, KanSports is shaped by our promise, design with community in mind, and is founded on our values of putting women first, recognizing we are better together, doing what is right, and being driven to achieve. These values reflect who we are and how we conduct women empowerment.