An exciting ride from start to end, handball is a standout amongst the most technical team sports in the world. Don’t know a lot about it? Look at our learner’s guide for a clear vision in the world of handball.

Court Measuring 

Handball is played on a rectangular court having a measurement of 40mts by 20mts with a goal center of each side. It has a center line which equally divides the field into two identical rectangles.

Picking It Up 

Handball is extremely difficult to ace, yet it’s an easy sport for the spectator to get it. There are two teams of seven players, made up of six outfield players, including the goalkeeper, They have to throw the ball into the opposition’s goal.

A Global Game

More than 27 million people play in around two million teams plays handball around the globe.

An Ancient Game 

There’s proof that a version of handball was played over 2,000 years ago in Ancient Greece. However, the cutting edge game developed between the mid-19th and early 20th century in Germany and Scandinavia and is among the most popular game.

On A Hat-Trick

Teams from no less than 10 countries have won Olympic handball gold. The French men’s team and the Norwegian women’s team defended their titles in Rio, winning back-to-back gold medals in 2008 and 2012.

Fastest Throw

The best Handball player in the world has a record of throwing the ball at speed of more than 120kmph.

Coming In From The Cold

The first ever Olympic Handball Tournament was held in 1936 during which the game was played on the grass by teams of 11 players each. As far back as it came back to the Games in 1972, Olympic handball has been an indoor sport.